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Elizabeth Cavanaugh

Elizabeth Cavanaugh is a former 
City Animal Commissioner, who 
writes about Culture and 
Community, Wildlife and the 
Environment and, of course, 

She crafts her stories in both 
English and French, with help 
from a few fervent felines.





By Elizabeth Cavanaugh

Solitary silhouette
In scruffy silk
Scent of earth
Sleeps by day

His dreams 
Bump the horizon
Humbling oaks 
Shelter a parched 
Rumbling throat
For the tinge and tingle  
Of a someday stream

Claws sharpened by
Granite blocks
Stealth steps

Paws pad
In starlight
Over asphalt 
Skillful dodging
On Freeway 210 

Lane by lane
Eyes aglow 

Like high beams

Solitary silhouette 
Alert jokester
Catching salvation
Amid sun-dried
Fallen, scattered 

Lizard tails 
Salamanders rising 
From ash and flame

Taunt and beckon
Pause and play 
To amuse one soulful
Valley traveler

Solo male puma
To whom all Urban Angels 
Softly whisper
“Thrive P-41, thrive.”

The Stone Bird stories by Elizabeth …

“Of the Verdugos” ...poem
“Your Soul Spoke to Me” ...poem
“The Bicycle Shop” ...short story


The Los Angeles Times, May 6, 2017
“Soul Mates on Separate Ways” - L.A. Affairs Column

The Quarterly Magazine, Summer 2017
“The Bunny Days of Summer: Cool Places to Spot Rabbits”


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